Policy Analysis Paper

Policy Analysis Paper

Policy Analysis Paper [Major Assessment 2]

 I am looking for someone who is experienced in nursing and implementing a policy.  PLEASE read the assignment before you ask for this job.  Must be proficient in APA and English expert. 8-10 pages.


Application Assignment 3: Policy Analysis Paper [Major Assessment 2]

In previous Discussions and Application Assignments, you have examined various aspects of the policy process: exploring the unintended consequences of policies, agenda setting, and analyzing policy recommendations. In this Application Assignment, you will have the opportunity to further develop your analysis skills by working through the policy analysis process. To be an effective agent for social change, you must be able to logically and critically analyze policy from multiple perspectives and contexts and then present your insights in a succinct and professional manner. This exercise will afford such an experience.

For this Application Assignment, you will examine a particular policy of interest to you (perhaps the one you selected for this week’s Discussion), and apply a policy analysis framework to understand the impact associated with the implementation of the policy. You will then develop a policy analysis paper, which is due the end of Week 11. This paper will also serve as your Major Assessment for this course.

To prepare:

Select a health care policy and a policy analysis framework to utilize for this Application. You may use the policy and framework you identified in this week’s Discussion or change your selection.  I introduced a policy that would include breastfeeding and breast milk as a “point” in patient acuity in the neonatal intensive care. Nurses are assigned to patients according to their acuity score.  Breastfeeding mothers or breast milk for feeding are not considered and yet it takes a lot of time, more than giving blood yet blood is accounted for in the acuity and not breast milk or breastfeeding.  You get the picture.

To complete:

Write an 8- to 10-page analysis paper (including references) in which you succinctly address the following:

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