Mr. Rivera is a 72-year-old patient with end stage COPD who is in the care of Hospice.

Mr. Rivera is a 72-year-old patient with end stage COPD who is in the care of Hospice.
Case Study: Cancer Treatment

1. Cancer treatment is very aggressive in nature. The treatment can lead to symptoms that range from uncomfortable to life-threatening. Complete the Cancer Symptoms Management Table. Do not forget to include complementary alternative therapy that may help in symptom management.

End-of-Life Care Concept Map
2. Mr. Rivera is a 72-year-old patient with end stage COPD who is in the care of Hospice. He has a history of smoking, hypertension, obesity, and type 2 Diabetes. He is on Oxygen 2L per nasal cannula around the clock. His wife and 2 adult children help with his care. Develop a concept map for Mr. Rivera. Consider the patients Ethnic background (he and his family are from Mexico) and family dynamics. Please use the concept map form provided.

How We Treat All types Of Cancer In Our Foundation

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Our treatment for cancer focuses on reversing the root causes of cancer as explained below.

1. Detoxifying the body of accumulated toxins. These toxins are, aflatoxins, lead poisoning, asbestos, mercury, wood alcohol, malonic acid; arsenic; beryllium; benzene etc. these toxins coats the body cells thus interfering with normal metabolism of cells hence causing mutations and tumors.

2. Treating and repairing DNA of cells exposed to radiation. Too much exposure to radiation such as x-ray, gamma rays, alpha particles, nuclear radiation, interferes with DNA which triggers mutation of cells.

3. Killing parasites that cause cancer. Most cancers have been linked to flukes and tapeworms. Many tumors have been found to contain worms inside after surgery. Flukes and tapeworms constantly burrow through organs as they go on with their feeding activity, and deposit eggs in the body. The parasite’s toxic toilet habits then add insult to injury which leads to chronic inflammation as the body tries endlessly to heal meaning lots of cell division and lots of opportunities for cancer-causing mutations to accumulate over years of infection. Also cancer from tapeworms has been discovered spreading to humans.
4. Enzyme cancer treatment: More that 100 years ago a renowned Scottish embryologist Named Dr. John beard was able to prove cancer can be treated by protein digesting enzymes. (this theory has never been refuted). These enzymes are TRYPSIN and CHYMOTRYPSIN which are supplied by the Pancreas and can also be gotten from food. Deficiency of these enzymes causes tumors and cancer. The pancreas becomes tired and overworked due to producing large amounts of enzymes because of denatured deep fried foods thus allowing primitive body cells to develop into trophoblast. You can google more about this in the internet.

To rapidly treat cancer we combine these 4 products which act synergeticaly in order to fight cancer in all fronts mentioned above:

These are powerful cancer and tumor fighting enzymes that Namely Trypsinogen, chymotrypsinogen and horseradish. A combination of these 3 is very powerful anti cancer and tumor. You get to see results in few days of using this combination.

DESCRIPTION: 120 Capsules:
Dosage: 2 capsules twice daily taken with water. Morning and evening

Special advice: Avoid

– Meat and its products such as soup, liver, Matumbo etc (red and white),

– Peanuts, Sunflower cooking oil,

– Avoid Alcohol

– Take fresh juices and fruits.

– Avoid Deep fried foods

2. Detoxification: For detoxification we have this powerful product called detoxifier. It neutralises and deep cleanses the body from toxic chemicals and poisons such as vanadium, Mercury, lead, Benzane and aflatoxin in Maize or peanuts butter. A good example is that of maize in Kenya sold to unsuspecting citizens 10 years ago and which is suspected of being the major cause of rampant explosive cancer in Kenya. It contains the best of detoxifying ingredients. See the product below.

DESCRIPTION: 120 Capsules:
Detoxifies the body from Impurities such as heavy metals, aflatoxins, lead poisoning, mercury dyes etc.
Key ingredients for powerful detoxification are.
Special advice: Avoid soft drinks, processed and preserved foods, etc. Take on empty stomach with at least 2 glasses of water.

– Glutathione – removes heavy metals

– methionine – removes heavy metals

– cysteine – removes heavy metals

– Glucuronic acid – removes harmful chemicals.

3. DNA REPAIR: To repair cell damaged by x-ray and other harmful radiation, we have this powerful product called DNA guard. Its made from powerful DNA repairing minerals and supplements. See the ingredients below.

DESCRIPTION: 120 capsules.
– Beet root extract

– vitamin b12

– Co-enzyme q10.

4. DEWORMER. Last but not the least, we have incorporated a very powerful de-wormer herbs that kills stubborn tapeworm and fluke worms which science has also PROVED can cause most cancers. The good thing with internet is that one can google and verify these facts from credible websites.
DESCRIPTION: 120 Capsules.
For Comprehensive de-worming of stubborn drug resistant worms.
Dosage: Taken 2 capsules twice a day.
– Wormwood

– black walnut

– Clove

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Case Study: Cancer Treatment

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