Make a Detailed Ethics Handout

Make a Detailed Ethics Handout

assignment: Ethics Handout

Purpose: The Purpose of this assignment is for you to learn the principles of ethical conduct in research as defined in the Belmont Report, the role of the IRB, and the role of the RN in protecting human subjects in research.
Outcomes addressed:
NU310-4: Determine the ethical principles necessary to protect human subjects and avoid scientific misconduct in research.
PC 2.3: Demonstrate integrity through the application of relevant codes of conduct and social responsibility within one’s profession.
Ethics Handout Project:
For this assignment you will create a colorful handout that you will post on a bulletin board in your staff lounge or disseminate to work colleagues to inform them of ethical conduct in human research and protection of participants.
Be creative with the handout using color and make it interesting.
I. Content of the Handout:

  1. Include a brief historical overview of ethics and the need for human protection

(for example the Belmont Report and how it came about).

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