Explain the role of accreditation in mitigating risk compliance issues

Explain the role of accreditation in mitigating risk compliance issues

Explain the role of accreditation in mitigating risk compliance issues. Provide an example of a health care organization that was placed on probation by its accrediting body or by CMS within the last 3 years for a risk compliance issue. What caused the probation or loss of accreditation and how could it have been prevented?

Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references.

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Peer review means that a board of scholarly reviewers in the subject area of the journal review materials they publish for quality of research and adherence to editorial standards of the journal before articles are accepted for publication.

Journals are one example of this. You can use other sources but 2 must be peer reviewed.

I want you to have Great information when you leave the course.

Seek help in the writing center about this to avoid a reduction in points for a lack of peer reviewed sources.

For discussions, I is fine and first person. Please clarify your sources and cite your hospital policies.

For essays, put them in 3rd including the interview. 馃檪 Do not use I we me you us. -first person in work.


Some students ask what is a specific audience example.

The answer would be new employees for example. What group are you talking to?


Fall prevention is an example of a specific topic. TB prevention is another example of the same.

GCU makes these instructions but I will do my best to clarify these as you have asked.

Risk Management plans differ based on the facility and the audience and purpose. You might consider new employees. That’s fine. I’m more concerned with the plan itself. Clarify in your intro what group you will be relating this too.

I would start with the rubrics for this actually. Make paragraphs based on each of the rubric.

So you will pick one real hospital plan that relates to your topic. So if your topic is handwashing, find a real plan about this. Cite the hospital policy in the paper so I know what is the plan vs other research etc. I don’t want to have to guess what part of the paper is from the plan vs your thoughts.

If you chose hand washing, your plan and paper would all be about that specific topic. It could be that you find a plan on falls. Or bed alarms. Or mediciations. Or HIPPA. Week one discussion relates all of the different topics that fall under Risk management. Please ask if unsure. You will use this topic for week 3 as well.

Start with YOUR INTRO

路 Pick a topic to find a policy for: Social media policy. Infections, falls, TB etc. Also, a fall prevention program for example, is a specific audience. HIPPA is an example, Infections. etc.

路 AUDIENCE: Where are you training them? Acute care? Rehab etc? Why? Who is the audience. New employees for example?

路 Where do I find a plan? Start by looking locally. Your own facility or You can find plans online. I know there is a lot of research in these papers but it’s the only way to ensure up to date, accurate information.

路 Example of REAL policy (example: social media policy included in Mid- Atlantic Healthcare鈥檚 Code of Conduct- a real place!)

路 Give plan selected (you will NOT create a plan) This should be a real policy that you will cite. Use your own facility or research one.

NOW, for the Body of paper- Look at the rubrics for how you will organize it by paragraph.

1. Description of the recommended administrative steps and processes- What should it look like?

2. Analyze the key agencies and organizations that

路 Who is over these policies?


3.. Evaluation of the selected exemplar risk management plan regarding compliance with the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) standards relevant to privacy, health care worker safety, and patient safety- Give plan selected (you will NOT create a plan) This should be a real policy that you will cite. Use your own facility or research one.

How does your real policy stack up against the ASHRM? Better, worse? Relate points that are good, could be improved, etc. Make it clear in your own words and voice about these conclusions. (research alone does not make your point; it only proves you can find research.) I want to see critical thinking in your own words.

路 ASHRM standards- This source should be pretty clear

路 compare and contrast this as I said above. Compare and contrast it- evaluate your example against the standards and propose recommendations for the policy given the topic and standards.

This is asking about standards. It鈥檚 asking you To compare and contrast it to the standards. So, you need to know what the standard are first. Please look at the standards that it should include and then some of the issues that some might have- the problems. You should be able to locate one but that’s why it says to ensure you have enough data.

LASTLY, Proposed recommendations I know you have written a lot by this point but do not give up on citing research. Hang in there. This NEEDS supporting evidence for why you think it should be changed? Ensure you have support/research for this as to why you would make changes.

CONCLUSION Don’t forget the conclusion- It is NOT the same as the recommendations! Restate thesis. Use your own voice/conclusions.

Looking at the rubrics

What is RUBRICS: supporting evidence? **Insightfully and provides specific examples with relevance. Level of detail is appropriate. **This means research – hospital policy for example and journals. What does the policy say?

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