examine how primary health is promoted in the CBI medical clinic through medical training

Organizational Decision Making in Medical Care Essay

This study will examine how primary health is promoted in the CBI medical clinic through medical training and clinical practice with an emphasis placed on physiotherapy. An examination of the method of health care delivery, decision-making, and structure of the organization will be also be reviewed.Organizational Decision Making in Medical Care Essay

The mission statement of CBI is one of providing a health care approach that is conducive to maximizing the quality of life of its patients through a combination of rehabilitation, healthy life style promotion, habilitation, injury prevention and intervention. It is, therefore incumbent on all medical staff to have a full understanding of the health requirements of each individual client, in order to provide a personalized level of service and also in promoting a compassionate and caring health care service and working environment. (Swanwick 2012).Organizational Decision Making in Medical Care Essay


CBI total staff complement amounts to 65. Of these 65, 45 are licensed medical practitioners. The management model is one where the Physiotherapy manager is responsible for much of the daily decision-making with respect to patient care, billing, and supportive care. CBI has a total of three managers that are responsible for approximately 200 patients each. A Director and general manager take responsibility for policy making, organizational development, planning, and control evaluation. CBI has contracted out its technology and information requirements to one of the leading companies in the city. The management and operational style of CBI are best described as an “Open environment management approach, where managers are free to adapt to the changing environment” (Arndt 2011). CBI operates differently than other clinics that I have worked in, as their fluid form of management allows for greater patient accessibility, and provides a greater level of autonomy to the individual nurse and case worker.

The strength of the nursing unit and the organizational culture within CBI is that staff is encouraged to work together to make a difference in the patients they are serving. Nurses are generally hired from the community in which they serve, in order to promote a familiarity with the present culture. Nurses that I worked with all performed well in the area of fitness and quality, results orientation, and were eager to improve their performance. Long hours are synonymous with the health-care industry and working at CBI was no exception. Burnout due to heavy workload was not uncommon, and I both experienced and observed a certain amount of depersonalization and emotional detachment from our patients.Organizational Decision Making in Medical Care Essay

Desired organizational goals for CBI suggest a need for reduced work hours for much of the staff, however, in my experience, this is more than offset by the positives of working in an environment of open communication, shared decision-making, staff recognition, good compensation, leadership promotion, team-work and community involvement. CBI promotes a culture where it easy to elicit and listen to patient’s problems and expectations.

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