Discuss McGill Model of Nursing Practice

Discuss McGill Model of Nursing Practice
Discussion: McGill Model of Nursing Practice

Question 1:
According to McGill model of nursing practice the major objective of the nursing practice is to maintain and develop patient’s health care by engaging the nursing in the learning process. Since health care is a learning phenomenon and the families are usually considered as basic socialize in this model, therefore the family is the major focus if nursing practice. Nurses usually strive to develop an improved learning environment that enables participation by the patients in the best way possible. Integration of nursing and patient education builds the strength of the patients in achieving the best service from the nurses (Gottlieb & Gottlieb, 2007).
McGill model was developed by Dr. Moyra Allen that focused on nursing taking a complementary and unique role in provision of health care. According to the model, nurses usually engage family and patients to participate in learning more about health care. Over the years the nursing model has undergone refining development and implementation in various practice areas and has received a great acceptance in Canada and other regions worldwide as a significant framework in the nursing practice.

Discussion: McGill Model of Nursing Practice

On the other hand, the Margaret Newman’s theory of Health model focuses upon fulfilling the different needs of the patients. Being constantly and actively involved in different practices of the organization, only staff nurses can assure that whether the implemented initiatives to improve the quality and patient satisfaction will be successful or not.
With the help of this model, one can incorporate effective leadership abilities that will help me in creating a deeply satisfying organizational culture at all the unit levels. This model has tried to engage all the staff members for the development through shared values and principles in their respective work. This paradigm shift from command-and-control style of staff monitoring to transformational style of leadership will enhance the morale, motivation, and overall performance of all the staff members and other follower groups.
Now, after analysing both the models, I found McGill model of nursing practice a better one, since it considers health to be a valuable resource. It aspires individuals and families to deploy better quality healthcare practices. There is a need for active involvement for all the individuals to improve upon their healthcare assumptions and practices. Further, it analyses the profile of the patient through an internal and external environmental analysis. The goal of the model is asses the health of the patients and assist them in improvising their health through better nursing and healthcare practices. It also provides the nursing staff with an opportunity to encourage positive growth of the organization as well.
Question 2:
Strength-based practice in the nursing field can be defined as a collaborative process between a patient and the nurse (person supported by services and the persons supporting them) hence allowing the two parties to work together in order to determine the results that draws strength. There are instances where strength-based practice will not present significant outcomes that include:
• Solution Focused Therapy (SFT): This instance usually focuses on what the family or the person wants and not really the problem at hand. A number of researches indicate that there is less than 5 per cent inter-relationship between goals oriented to the problems compared to goals related to the solutions. Solution focused therapy has been applied by nurses to family service and mental health settings, and in such cases, strength-based practice does not provide valuable outcomes.


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