Discuss Environmental Health and Agricultural Hazards

Discuss Environmental Health and Agricultural Hazards
Environmental Health and Agricultural Hazards

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Every person has a right to live in a healthy environment. Even though their activities may affect nature negatively, all people should be equal initially. It is just like a right to be healthy and receive healthcare services that are to be a basic right of the population.Environmental Health and Agricultural Hazards

In addition to those impacts of climate change on humans discussed in the lecture, it may affect people’s health through the increased number of possibilities to get injured accidentally. For instance, it can lead to earthquakes and floods.

I might have contributed to the adverse health consequences when I burned leaves. My actions generated airborne particulates that worsened people’s health.

Some time ago, I tried smoking under the influence of my peers. As it is not my habit now, I do not need to make any related lifestyle changes. However, I am sure that those individuals who smoke should abandon this habit as soon as possible. They do not only harm their own health but also affect the well-being of others negatively.


Recently, I started thinking that it would be great for me to start exercising and running, as I spend a lot of time sitting and start feeling that I lack action. To enact these plans successfully, I have already bought appropriate clothing. Moreover, I am going to develop a schedule of training that will help me to follow my daily regimen, accomplishing all points.Environmental Health and Agricultural Hazards

The main environmental hazard that can be seen in my city is a plant that worsens the quality of air. Electromagnetic fields that can lead to cancer are produced by electronic devices. Having x-rays is also dangerous because of radiation. Toxic chemicals can be found in various goods provided by shady organizations. Finally, superfunds can affect the land.

EnergyStar is an EPA program that is likely to improve environmental health. It encourages US businesses to invest in energy-efficient products. As a result, they can save money and minimalize negative impacts.

Toxic Substances Control Act is an environmental regulation targeted at the control of chemical substances and mixtures. It urges the necessity to record their use and follow strict requirements, etc.

Rick Love is one of the current environmental leaders. He represents United Technologies Corporation and ensures that its businesses meet environmental goals, such as the reduction of emissions and waste or the efficient use of resources.

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Environmental health deals with the protection of people’s well-being from environmental hazards. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the US Department of Labor attract the attention of the youth to the fact that the sphere of agriculture has adverse influences on public health. They emphasize that “each year, more than 2 million youth under the age of 20 are exposed to farm-related safety hazards” (OSHA, n.d., para. 1). OSHA contributes to environmental health, as it attracts attention to the fact that a lot of people are injured and killed on farms. It makes the representatives of the general public aware of the existing problem and provides them with an opportunity to avoid further complications.Environmental Health and Agricultural Hazards

OSHA identifies major agricultural hazards, which is critical information because it can be used by the youth to identify those sources of the danger they should try to avoid. In addition to that, OSHA offers the employees of the agricultural industry to use potential safety solutions developed by it. As a result, it contributes to the prevention of accidents, which has a positive influence on the health outcomes of the population associated with agriculture. In this way, OSHA not only ensures that the representatives of the vulnerable population are aware of the safety issues but also develops initiatives to make their working conditions safe and healthful. Finally, it urges the employers of the agriculture industry to provide needed training, education, and assistance to its workers so that they have more chances to improve their well-being.

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