Describe The Causes and Identification of Depression

Describe The Causes and Identification of Depression
The Causes and Identification of Depression

Depression is a mental illness that has been around forever but has always had doubters believing it is just a feeling of being sad and not a disease due to the stigma that has been surrounding it for all these years.

But today we will be trying our best to clear all of that up and show people that it is not just being sad. Being sad is a short time thing that makes people feel down but can easily be overcome but depression is more than being sad and can be more difficult to explain. Depression affects more than twenty three million Americans every year and three hundred and fifty million globally that it is the most common serious brain disease in the united states. One in ten American adults claim to have the illness and is most commonly found in adults between the ages of forty five and sixty five but still can affect all ages.The Causes and Identification of Depression


We are trying to bring more awareness to the sensitive topic because we want to show people that it’s okay to express your feelings or illnesses. Many people who go through depression choose not to talk about it due to the fact of not wanting people to view them as weak or less than and some people simply rather not talk about it because of the fear of being embarrassed. Young teenagers avoid talking about their mental health because society thinks that young people who are suffering from mental illness are going through phases, or what people now like to call nowadays “the emo phase”. The cause of depression was once thought as simply the lack of serotonin the feel good hormone but scientist have also discovered that it could be due to having a small hippocampus the part of the brain that is used for memory and emotions. The cause of having a small hippocampus can be because of stress but once the hippocampus regenerates it can show signs depression getting better.

Last but not least depression can be cause simply from being hereditary, it is shown that having a shorter serotonin transfer gene from both parents means that you are more likely to get depression but that doesn’t mean all people with short genes are depressed and ones with long can become depressed. Some things you can consider when before asking someone if they are depressed or determining if someone is depressed is looking at their habits. Do things that they use to enjoy don’t seem fun anymore is there life force not there anymore to the point where they will sleep for days just to wake up to get food and water, have they started to lean to drugs as a way of relief. These things don’t mean there depressed because some people do hide it by becoming an overly happy person on the outside but it is always good to ask and make sure but don’t make them feel pressured to tell you anything. And finally here is a support number to all those who are in need but too afraid to ask for help.The Causes and Identification of Depression

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