Assignment: Patient Information Management System

Assignment: Patient Information Management System
Assignment: Patient Information Management System

To complete this Assignment, you will create a Microsoft Project plan for a patient information management system. The primary deliverable for the plan is the patient information management system itself, but it is comprised of many modules. Include the following tasks, subtasks, and timeframes:

Create the Admission, Discharge, and Transfer Module (requires subtask I, configuration period: 25 days, training period: 10 days)
Subtask I: Create the Patient Registration Module (requires subtask II, configuration period: 4 days, training period: 4 days)
Subtask II: Create the Master Patient Index (configuration period: 4 days)
Subtask III: Create the Patient Scheduling Module (requires subtask II, configuration period: 7 days, training period: 15 days)
Patient information management system

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This system is named as Patient information management system. This system is designed to easily maintain the data of the patients specifically. This system is made to keep the records about the patients, doctors and other staff members working at a clinic or hospital.
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Eceptionist can login into the clinic management system using the email id or the user id and password. After signing in into this system there are the options to add new patients, new doctors and other new staff members like nurses and ward boys etc.

Daily many new patients visit the clinic so adding the new patient’s details and keeping the records using it is very easy. There is also an option to add and delete doctors and other staff member’s details.

New and unique ids are given to everyone who gets registered over this system. There are also the options to check the patient’s disease and course the patient is going through.

Fees paid by any customer or patient can be saved on it and it is easy to calculate daily that the money is collected. Doctors and another staff member like nurses, ward boys, janitor and maid leaves can be deducted from their salary and rest of the salary can be paid easily using this clinic management system.

It is easy to calculate money and handle account on monthly basis also. This system also has an option to use the backup, that means if we are backing up the database it can never be lost. So, overall this clinic management system is a solution to all the problems that we face in a clinic or hospital.

Our system has only one main interface that is for the receptionist. Along with these, we have other interfaces which can be discussed as below:

The receptionist is the user who can register itself on the application or software and after registering on it other available attributes can be used.

These attributes are adding new patients, adding new staff members and adding new doctors etc. This user can also calculate the money expenditures on salaries and the total amount collected from patients fees.

Some other interfaces are also provided.

After registration one can log in the system as the operator of the system on the behalf of user. After this, he has the other user interfaces available for further actions like adding and deleting doctors and other staff members etc.
Adding New Patients:

The first option that is provided in the clinical management system is adding new patients which are most important.

When a new patient goes to a clinic or hospital, first of all, he or she goes to the receptionist and receptionist write down the all the details of the patient and then receptionist guides the patient to further steps that are going to a particular doctor or a particular test.

So adding new patients details in the database is most important and then the receptionist does the other tasks. In the details person’s address, phone number, disease or problem and some other things are asked.
Keeping Treatment Details:

Another function that this software provides is keeping the details of the patients’ treatment. As a patient has to come to the hospital many times for his or her treatment than for further prescriptions, it is important to know the history of the patient’s case.
Maintaining Records:

A patient can ask for the details of its anytime. May be later in any other treatment if he requires it. It is very important to maintain the records of patients properly.

This feature is given in this patient management system. It keeps all the data saved and by entering the patient id or name it can be fetched whenever it is required.
Medicine Prescription:

The doctor must know that which are the medicines that were given to the patient and if they are affecting positively or not. So, it can be checked from this option. If the medicines prescribed are doing their work then it’s good otherwise doctor can change the medicines if he wants.

Adding doctor to the database of the hospital or the clinic is important as the clinic must have all the information of the doctors that are working there in the clinic.

When the doctors are added in the database of the clinic the details that are added are the name, age, address, phone number, a specialist in the branch, qualification and some other things.

To have the right, correct and verified information about the doctors is very important because doctors are the one who takes care of the patients and if the doctors are not genuine then the patient might lose his or her life.

One benefit of using this system is that the information saved into this cannot be lost because a backup of the data gets created as soon as any change is made to the data of the clinic management system.

Thus, the data saved in it is safe no unauthentic user can see it and data cannot get lost. This is all about the module adding doctor.

There is also an option to delete the doctor as in case if some doctor is leaving the clinic and his or her information is no longer required then the information related to that particular doctor can be deleted any time by using the option delete doctor.
Adding and Deleting Other Staff Members:

The other module that is provided in this system that is clinic management system is that the data of all the staff members working in the clinic or the hospital can be saved on it. Other staff members are nurses, ward boys, janitor and some other like mad etc.

The benefit of storing their information is that when any person is on leave and when the salary is calculated then this system can automatically calculate the salary by deducting the amount according to the leaves takes.

The information that is added to the staff is a name, address, phone number, employee id, the job of the employee and the salary of the employee.

These details are asked when the new employee has added an option to delete their details is also given as if the employee or the staff member wants to leave the job and the information is no longer required by the hospital or clinic.

Now this prison management system is designed in such a way that it takes fewer resources to work properly. It has its own sort of minimum requirements that we need to take care of :

The system needs a minimum of 2 GB of ram to run all the features smooth and sudden.

It needs a minimum 1.3 GHz processor to run smooth as less than that may create problems.

The system needs to be operated by some authorized person as wrong hands can make it irresponsible.

Rest is all up to the user’s usage will care for hardware

For security Antivirus is recommended.The system is made properly and all the testing is done as per the requirements. So, the rest of the things depend on the user and no one can harm the data or the software if the proper care is done.

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